Are you owning a rental property? Constructing a huge apartment is quite easy but selling and maintaining the property or management is a daunting task. One must hit a bull’s eye to achieve his/her success in the real estate business. So how about you? Today in this blog, Valiant Systems like to share with you few ideas about apartment management software and it’s purpose in today’s market.  

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In today’s environment, though you have a positive experience in business, with a lack of technology knowledge, you may lose your chance. aware! We know, you have a bunch of tasks hanging in your chamber desk as an owner or property manager. You must, among other factors, advertise job openings, manage accounts, coordinate the rental agreement, operate on a budget, process documents, and rent, and sustain a management office. Well heard of CommonFloors, Quickr, NoBrokers, etc? Interested to handle your complete activities in a single panel, are search for software or applications?

  But with the right tools like Valiant Systems’ apartment management system, you can streamline your business activities seamlessly. 

So, What is an apartment management system?

   A property management software is an application (Windows, iOS, Android) developed to support property landlords manage their rental platforms, tenants, owners, and accounts. Features like entrance screening, online lease agreement signing, online payments (maintenance fee & others), reporting, etc. 

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Manage Accounting

It takes time to accept rent payments and enter accounting entries. Accounting is productive and efficient when software is oriented to the specific needs of property managers. You must maintain your finances separate and take accurate accounting records for each property or land or apartment. Financial results are just as effective as their accounting.

Online Payment System

Tenants or owners choose to pay online in their desired format. Allowing the resident to handle this phase and facilitating automated verification gives you time and resources. It also aids in the elimination of associated non-payment issues.

Staff Task Management

Valiant Systems software technique is all about digitizing work activities so that you don’t want to do anything. This saves you and your team a significant amount of time, which equates to money. Errors and missing paper record problems can be reduced with good accounting and job automation.

Maintenace Ticket Issue

Simplifying maintenance service requests implies that a comprehensive, official record of repairs, demands, estimates, records, communications, and photographs related to a rental property is collected in real-time, that landlords are informed when tenants request maintenance or repairs, and that conversations, text messages, emails, and docs are kept in one location for easy reference.

Data Privacy

Nowadays hacking a system is bee common. But to avoid that in your infrastructure, we support you with an effective cloud security system. Well, cloud technology of ours is more difficult to hack. The cloud is much more reliable than a local hard drive because of its hardware architecture, data encryption, and intrusion detection. Data security is now a top priority for many property management companies, particularly those that have been hacked. Worried about the cost of the server hosting for your solution?

    Not to worry..we are there to support your business growth in success. WValiant Systems is best known for its web design and development service. Along with that, we are experts in software solution, content writing, SMM, web hosting, domain name registering, etc. If you have any doubts on the above kindly get in touch with our technical team. We are always proud to support your business expansion in revenue and growth. Good luck!

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