Owning a website is great but is it responsive or mobile-friendly? Well, in this blog, Valiant Systems will explain the importance of a mobile-friendly website. In today’s generation where millions of businesses show-up, only a few succeed taking the service straight to customers or audience pockets. How? That’s the power of responsive websites. You might have come across my previous blog related to these topics where I have explained deeply, what is a responsive web design and the benefits of having one. 

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In the current technology world, 89 percent of the population use a smartphone instead of laptops or desktops to browse online. Capturing such an audience has been the keen goal of Valiant Systems for its epic business clients. 

   Do you know? By using a responsive website, you can smoothly access both websites and apps for devices such as tablets, iPad, and Android phones. A mobile-friendly site comprises of HTML pages which are adapted to provide users with the simplicity of use as they modify according to the screen size or layout you are generally using. In comparison, a smartphone app is a downloadable program enabled on a mobile device for users. This could be done by outlets such as the App Store or the Google play store. Mobile-friendly websites are also gaining influence across apps in their use. Ios applications are typically designed for platforms including the development of IOS and Android Apps.

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Below I will share some of the benefits of having a user-friendly or mobile supportive website:

Increase brand visibility using apt SEO

In search engines, a mobile responsive site is highly classified compared to websites that are just not customized. Getting a site that ranks high on search engines leads to acquiring more exposure in your industry while attracting customers to your platform.

Easy installation/updation of mobile app

For applications that typically have regular updates and enhanced editions so all time this wasn’t the exact scenario. For websites, consumers often don’t even know when an upgrade is happening. Updating a website compared to a mobile application is also a lot easier. With any given company this makes things easier as the process saves them on cost.

Cost-saving in comparison to mobile applications

Compared to Ecommerce or multi-vendor mobile applications, launch a responsive website suit your business vertical at an affordable range supporting both desktop and mobile devices, enhancing SEO ranking and customer traffic. 

Save storage level with a non-downloadable website

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You don’t have to download or indeed install a website related to ios. That removes the need for additional storage space. No wonder which software system you use, every device will have a mobile-friendly website to interact with. This saves the user’s mobile storage levels offering a better experience. 

Target right audience at the right time

   Finding a mobile-friendly website ensures how anyone doing a search can locate your goods and services quickly. To find it, a search doesn’t really need your customers to own the precise URL, as soon as you’re built on every search engine, this enables your audiences the ability to find themselves. Further, customers don’t just go through the thrill of browsing a web page that doesn’t give them great options to use. For the applications, this isn’t the same as downloading the app initially takes one.

Expand customer base effortlessly

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A mobile-friendly platform offers a fantastic interface for those who visit. This distinguishes you and progressively builds the trust of your potential customers who will perceive your site as a reliable place to access trustworthy information and tools, including items and services that will satisfy.


   So, are you interested in launching a responsive website at affordable prices? Get connected with Valiant Systems, we are India’s best web design and development company offering best class business solutions such as Ecommerce, multi-vendor, CRM, and ERP. Are you in?

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