Will Digital Marketing really help a business grow?

by Admin

June 27, 2023

  I have seen many coming up with questions like, what is digital Marketing? Is digital marketing a good business? How does it help in growing a business? What are its strategy and scope?….fuss. For a change, let’s think out of the box. Never underestimate an elderly-aged person, because nowadays, he/she is the one getting much-involved, modernised and supported in digital media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp, vimeo, etc. Have you ever thought of its reason, how a normal person not even a celebrity is getting so much audience attraction or viewership online. Yes…you got it, that’s the power of marketing. Whether you have a small or big concept running on your mind, that doesn’t matter. The way of presenting the source is vital and for that digital marketing is the pathway. 

           It is easy-peasy to find out whether a business is surviving or thriving. In today’s online strategy, only the best can thrive using the ideal lucrative form of marketing. To say in short, Digital marketing refers to the online bridge connected between the business person or product or service to the targeted audience or customers through any digital forms or medium such as internet display advertisements or smartphones.



         The birth of digital marketing tech was traced from 1971, when Ray Tomlinson sent the world’s first email to himself. Since then, digital marketing paced a rapid growth over the nation concurring and inventing various strategies over trade and commerce. Anyhow, there are  types of digital marketing available online and offline, which work best for your business. They are Mobile phone marketing, Content marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social media marketing, offline digital marketing, Affiliate marketing, pay-per-click advertising, influencer marketing, email marketing and viral marketing. Using these social media marketing sources, you will gain more visibility, brand recognition, competitive edge, social media inclusion, and increase revenue.

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       In today’s scenario of modern technology, people are crazy about online shopping and the Internet’s power, which captures the attention of the business and corporate sectors. Likewise, traditional marketing sources like pamphlets, radio advertising, media advertising, etc. are being outdated, as digital marketing and SEO has become the main focus for various online business’ channels knew it’s tricky growth side.

         To small business owners who want to compete with big companies, digital marketing is a blessing. This gives small business owners and entrepreneurs the chance to compete with big brands and here are some reasons.        

  • Build a website for sale and marketing.
  • It is more cost-effective than offline marketing.
  • It allows you to generate better incomes.
  • It promotes direct engagement with the audience.
  • It caters to Smartphone users.
  • It builds the reputation of the brand.
  • It is basically a great career choice.
  • IOT or Internet of things are setup.



            According to IAMAI (Internet and mobile association of India), India saw a 100% increase in social media users compared to last year. Users have done everything from building relationships to sharing experiences to growing business/brands, and now we nearly treat this virtual world as a parallel one. Some of the latest updates about social media might fascinate you, have a look.

  1. Facebook is India’s premier active social media platform.
  2. Direct upload of videos to Facebook is higher than that of YouTube.
  3. In India the total number of Twitter users is 40 million.
  4. 64% use Twitter to track brands, 33% use it to shop and 29% use it to discover new products.
  5. LinkedIn has the second-largest user base in India, with the first being the US.
  6. Among Indians LinkedIn is more popular than Pinterest and Instagram.
  7. When compared to women, Instagram is dominated by men.
  8. 53 percent of web users between the ages of 18 and 29 have an Instagram account.
  9. 82 percent of India’s online population is using Google.

After reading my blog, you might have concluded that social media, digital marketing is the heirloom of modernity in the upcoming ages. To tune your business into best online platforms like Facebook or amazon or swiggy, join us. We at Valiant Systems design and develop websites with unique features giving you the best-in-class performance you need. For more contact us, we open-heartedly welcome feedback and queries. 

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