In the old books the definition of a brand name is the “identity” of a company’s business, but today it is not just an identity, more than that it is an experience.

If you had ever attempted naming a company or a brand you probably would know how difficult it is to get that perfect name especially which no one else has. Today there are over 200 million domain names already registered, the name game is only getting tougher day by day.

Through our own experience we have found a few things that makes a brand name great.

  • You need to start with a well defined brand strategy and value proposition for a winning name. Without this you would not have a framework for the name and there would be no foundation to build upon.
  • Standing out and sounding loud in a crowded market is very important. Distinctive names are easily memorable and they give a differentiation for your brand in your category.
  • Good brand names give a positive association and an emotional connection with the customers.
  • Strong brands often add value to your balance sheet. Make sure you trademark them under the national and the international laws.
  • Your name should be easy to say and understand. You need to check to see if the name can be misspelled or mispronounced.
  • Talk to your target audience and see what they fell about the name.

Valiant Systems has a dedicated team of highly creative and strive hard to give you the best. We have vast experience in bringing up names for companies, web marketers, consumer products and much more.

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