Will GOOGLE love my Website?

by Admin

June 27, 2023

Are you running a business? Then you must be having a website of your own, if not, then have one. In this digital world, online marketing plays a vital role in discovering the ideal customer needs relevant to their searches via search engines like google, yahoo and bing. Though some people find your site through social platforms, many others browse online. But to mingle with Google and your clients efficiently, one must marry Web design with SEO.

What do you mean by SEO web design?

 SEO web design refers to the strategies of developing and designing a website that increases site ranking through search engines. Well, making a website SEO-friendly is not a piece of cake. Your web pages and the content will be crawled by search engines uniquely and gets listed in its database. When users search for relevant information, the indexed pages will be listed in the ranking. For creating ideal indexing and ranking-worth pages, SEO and web design work together.

                                          MAKE GOOGLE LOVE YOUR SITE!

A million-dollar question arises, “How to make search engines like Google love my website?”

    I know it’s not simple but here are few brand touchpoints for your online business sites that help you seduce the cold-hearted one (Google).

Site Updating

We all know that google’ search ranking algorithms are changing persistently. The more your site is secured, the more google gets attracted. But if your site is filled with spam or black hat techniques like keyword spamming, article spinning, hiding web links, selling link, buying link, keyword stuffing, etc. Google will penalize preventing your site from popping-up on search engines. Get your site secured and jump on ranking by obtaining SSL certification.

(HINT: Update your site with editing or adding fresh page contents that make google revisit and index using bots like ‘crawl’ and ‘spider’ ) 


Are you tempted to know the second tip? That’s nothing but maintaining a mobile-friendly site. Nowadays, almost all people have started using smartphones or handy devices forecasting how future technology goes. So, it is ideal to host a website that is fully mobile-friendly and desktop-friendly. Remember, speed is the God of usability. Renovate your web design and comprise the image sizing that results in pumping the site speed.

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