2020 Trend: Big Ideas need Best Web designs

by Admin

June 27, 2023

Web design…what does it really mean? To say…just like an architect who plans to build a house framing layouts and color scheme. Likewise, for a website a web designer collects ideas and creates a site plan based-on-purpose such a home screen page, service page, contact detail page and so on. This process of creation is known as web design by which customers or users can access through web browsers. Web design elements consist of layout, fonts, color, graphic (photos, icons, logos), and content (ads and text). Usually, designers with creative skills and strong knowledge of current technologies create the best design targeting the audience’s expectations. 

          Let’s say, not all years turn to be hanging over the same design trends. Based on the latest ideology, designers update the website structure and ergonomics (visual aspects). As a whole, all such UI/UX (interactive features) skills fall under the umbrella of a web development meeting the goals of the organization. Mastering the principles of design and development Valiant system, the best website design company in Chennai helps your business website appear incredibly unique online with elegant designs and outstanding topographies strengthening digital communication.  

It is no surprise that every website owner is familiar with the importance of web designing. But knowing the latest trend is essential to go higher among competitors. Moving in the market with a successive goal, ‘Your ideas are our concept’, we tend to showcase the top functional designs trends that you may implement on your site.

 MICRO ANIMATIONS (Micro-interactions):

         In today’s digital environment, site interaction or brand animations are widely contributed exposing a powerful message through small motion icon designs. For such digital products or services, you need an interaction designer who can think in a business-centric and human-centric manner. As web designs are persistently evolving and developing, micro animations are surely a surprising idea for website visitors.   


             Nowadays, Artificial intelligence or machine learning and AR (Augmented Reality) is having a great impact on web designing trends programming the ability to learn and think such as reshaping future technology on its own. Artificial design intelligence (ADI) accomplish human tasks according to the inputs received. For example, E-commerce sectors have started executing AI technology in their application as chatbots, voice search, live chats and so on. 


               The rise of broadband has opened the growth path of web developing applications to an exceptional rate. Marketing your website products with minimal or plain background coloring schemes are no longer a trend. The year 2020 has brought in a burst of bold eye-catching shades motivating the customers to browse deeper. This psychology color technique has added great advantages to some of India’s leading online shopping zones.   


                  Passing over evergreen or black n’ white typography line art, next comes the modern yet hot compacting design look replacing the old trend. This type of cosign collaboration enhances the story with a visual concept combined with 2D illustrations trimming a few sides of the actual image. This design pattern seems familiar among most of the celebrities’ websites.  

   Likewise, there comes material design and split-screen layout trends leaning a huge weight over the web developers to create a responsive and visually attractive website. 

       So…after reading this blog, if you’re willing to redesign or create a new website, then contact us. We at Valiant systems constantly help you open-heartedly to modify your site with whatever design style you prefer. Our web design and development company in Chennai offers high tech, mind-blowing visual and user-friendly websites at unbelievable prices.

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