Mistakes to avoid in E-commerce web designing

by Admin

June 27, 2023

Hi there! today I would like to share some of the pin-points or mistakes  found while designing an Ecommerce website for my online store. Hope it might be useful for you.

Well, hearing the word Ecommerce or online shopping site, what comes to your mind? Is that Amazon or Flipkart or Ebay or  Myntra or some other shopping online sites? yeah! I’m right. To say, the term E Commerce has become the most phenomenal trend of the 21st century, concurring a top spot in the marketplace. Ecommerce sites define the online area or place where you can buy or sell any products or services anytime or anywhere. For such e-sites, web design plays the major role.

Wait there, I know you all might be having a multi-million dollar question raising in your mind, ‘how can web design be so important in an online shopping site?” 

So, now as you know the fact for “why you need a website?”, I will share with you the views of why designing plays a vital role in the website family. Well-designed UI or user interface for a website mean something. Having all features and a responsive design relevant to the latest technology that is consistent across browsers will boost a website’s search engine ranking, contributing to audience growth. It may be a UI or UX designing, designers analyse the site and identify over the issue acting as a problem-solving solution. Such a service is also offered by Valiant System to its customers satisfying their requirements.

In my previous blog, I have mentioned saying, A Web design decides your business’ success and failure ratings.”

 However when your website growth is high and web pages-in detailed are more, designing section may find it difficult to perform. Following I have mentioned a few mistakes web designers face and should be avoided while designing an Ecommerce platform.

 Follow the art-of-sale

In this UX world, persuasive design has made its debut. This approach makes the end users think ‘what’s next’ and drives them to explore further on site. Following the conventional eCommerce design standards, from the top-right corner till contact details such as text, typography, image or video will make the user shopping experience ideal.

 (Hint: If you use this strategy too much, visitors may get annoyed and skip to different website)

Images displayed 

I have heard from many successors’ speeches, “It’s your picture that works the magic of sale”. It’s 100% true, each word compels the user to stay longer but only the apt picture urges them to buy the service or product. Include high-quality images to catch the user’s attention.

(Hint: You may also use Multiple images to give product information in depth to visitors.)

Wishlist & related products display

Every businessman’s main intention is to sell the products and earn revenue. When you are sure to sell a customer with one product, why don’t you pinch him to buy another. Let him know that customers have also buyed products like so and so, offer related products.

 When it comes to wishlist, no customer is going to buy your product at a single glance. He/she needs to cross-check with similar products and go for the best suited one. For that, the wishlist option is essential. Add-up wishlist functionality with a plugin like GoCommerce for great results. 

Use of Plagiarized design

Not just a website needs plagiarized content or unique content, they also need a plagiarized design. Copying and using another site’s entire image, will create a bad impression over the eCommerce site such as negative reviews which will automatically be noticed by Google reducing search engine ranking.

(Hint: Inspire a popular site and create unique designs. There are solutions that offer cloned site models like amazon clone or limeroad clone or snapdeal clone. if you want one, Contact Us)

Responsive design checker

 Finally, it is important to cross-check your website from various electronic sources because not every customer uses chrome or bing or yahoo through smartphones. Make sure, your site is responsive and speedy while browsing from laptops, desktops, mobile phones, iPads, etc.


So, if you are committing any of these mistakes in your online shopping site, then it’s time to renovate. Need any help? Join with us now! helps you fix your errors and bugs. Give us a missed call or chat with us, our 24/7 support team will connect with you shortly. Do share your views in the comment section shown below. 

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