Web designing MYTHS that may confuse you!

by Admin

June 27, 2023

There is a well-known phrase saying, “Don’t assume everything you hear to be true or real. Never witness something without knowing the facts hidden behind the walls.” Do you know why the phrase says so? Because making any such conclusions could end up being dry with no point of view.

       You may be thinking, why did I start my blog with no sense, right? Chill…behind every word there’s a fact, likewise today I would like to share about the myths of web design that has been struggling and confusing most of the business persons for the past several decades.

      Very well, where can we start? You know, myths have become such an inseparable part of our lives since childhood that what you do doesn’t matter, there are always other myths associated with it. Likewise, the online world is given no exceptions. Web designing or so called internet design is today’s trending art that attracts all. From past years, many talk about this subject (web design and development), passing over myths and indeed some facts. After serious consideration of this matter, I thought I would share some giving everyone an open-minded view.


3-CLICK access rule:

  Have you ever heard about the unofficial term “3-click rule”? This mythological term refers to the visitors leaving your site unless the relevant information is found within three mouse clicks.

           Though this myth is to be popular, according to my fact, even if the visitor is not interested in your site or if he / she finds the searched information, it is not possible to leave a site in just three mouse clicks because all sites vary. It is true that web designers follow the 3-click rule but will manage the usability stay timing through search tools optimized for results, well-labeled links, creating task paths wrapping the users inside the network and letting them closer to their information.

People read all web CONTENTS

     It is true that people want answers for their doubts but it doesn’t mean they want loads of content. Inserting your website with tons of content will only irritate your viewers. You are not writing any novel or book, so make them short and sweet. Designing your site with bright vibes and posting eye-catchy contents are great ideas.     

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HOMEPAGE is important

       Longback, even myself believed that homepages were essential but days are long gone. Time has changed, homepage is important but it doesn’t mean visitors only want the homepage to be attractive. To search for answers they may scroll down the sites and finally navigate back to homepage. So my view is that, homepage is important but also concentrating your design works equally to all bring more SEO rankings.

Avoid WHITE SPACE junkies

   Many dare say to avoid white space in websites like space between images, columns and text as the visitors overlook and start neglecting the page. But the fact is that, white spaces give an elegant glimpse to the web page and automatically increase page views.

MINIMALISTIC design is the latest trend

        Today, minimalistic trends seem to be the latest and widely used. but this ideology doesn’t suit every website kind as their site will be filled with multiple elements to drive viewer attention. Well, you can use minimalistic designs in places like white space.

     If you feel these 5 web design myths inspire you, do comment. If you like to renovate your website with trending and innovative tech styles, contact Valiant Systems for premium web design and development services and offers for your personal and business website.

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