Top 10 new features of Angular 12

by Admin

June 27, 2023

Are you aware that Angular framework has launched its new updated version in May this year? Do you have any idea about what it is and its features? Ok, just get into it. It is just a single-page web development framework that provides the best material design library to create lightweight & progressive web Applications. The new Angular 12 version is out with great updates & features which enhance the performance & make compiling processes easy & fast. 

Let see the top 10 new features of Angular 12  1. Updated Typescript support is available in this new Angular 12 version as Typescript is being its programming language which enhances its performance.  2. The major thing about this version is, deprecating the View Engine. Angular 12 has now started to integrate with new Ivy technology which takes it closer to “Ivy Everywhere”. 3. Nullish Coalescing operator is provided which helps to write a cleaner code & make the conditional statements processes easy and simple. It checks whether the code is null or undefined. 4. Through BrowserAnimationsModulewithconfig, Animations can be disabled in this new Angular version.    5. Tailwind CSS Support is infused and style improvements are made in this version which will support inline Saas in the styles field and component decorators.  6. Strict CLI mode is enabled in this Angular 12. It will improve its maintenance and help to find the bugs early. 7. Emit event option is added in this version to emit custom events synchronously or asynchronously. 8. Improvement in its performance, compiling, language service, and more. A lot of bug fixes are also included in the Angular 12 version. 9. This latest version switches out from the i18n framework. It contains better and intuitive message ID formats which will lower the retranslation and invalidation cost. The updated design of the standard message ID is significantly stronger and natural. 10. This version added a new warning message of eliminating support for IE11 in its next updated version. By eliminating legacy support browsers, it will be easy to focus on providing more updated solutions to help developers and clients.

These are its new updated features which hugely make the web development process fast & smooth which further improves the website performance. Angular 12’s ecosystem transition to Ivy Technology makes it a top-notch updated version.          Design your website/web applications using Angular 12, which is majorly used in Valiant Systems, a web design & development company where you can get high-performance web applications or websites for your business which further helps to show your business on the global front.
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